Simple C#.Net Encryption and Decryption for String

There are many ways is there to encrypt and decrypt the data in c#.Net. In this post we have simple sample code to implement the cryptography algorithm in C#.Net to encrypt and decrypt information, either passwords or connection strings. This code uses the System.Security.Cryptography namespace to do the encryption and decryption. Please find the code […]

C#.Net convert date to string and string formatting

It’s very easy to convert date time to string in C#.Net. To convert DateTime into string you can use String.Format function in C# ASP.Net. And to convert string into DateTime you can use Convert.ToDateTime function this post will show how to do this conversion. If you have Date Time value in the Data table and […]

How to create auto number, Serial number, Row number in DataGridView in C# Windows application

Display auto number, serial number, row number in the data grid view is very simply; just you have to create one new column for the date grid, after created the new column make that column to read only. And enable Data Grid View VirtualMode property to True, and assign e.rowindex under CellValueNeeded events. see the […]

C#.Net upload CSV Data from CSV file into DataTable

You can not read the CSV file using the Split() function because the CSV itself comma separated value. If you have a CSV file from which you want to upload the data use below given code. First it reads the data from CSV file into C# Data Table. Form the data table you can load […]

String Format in C#.Net – Add zeroes before number

In dot net we can format the numbers in easy way. We can use the static method (String.Format) or instance method (int.Tostring). Please find the below example to format the numbers with spaces or zeroes . Add zeroes before number To add zeroes before a number, use colon separator “:” and write as many zeroes […]

Dynamically create TextBoxes with C#.Net on Windows Form

This article demonstrates how to dynamically create TextBoxes, CheckBox control with C# on Windows Form. the below codes dynamically creates TextBox and CheckBox controls, sets their IDs and positions, and then binds them to the Form panel. Method 1 private void Method1() { for(int i = 0; i

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