How to get last inserted id in PHP MySql

If we insert a row into a mysql table that contains an AUTO_INCREMENT column, we can retrieve the value stored into that column by using the PHP function mysql_insert_id(). so we no need to create separate query to read the newly inserted value.

What is differences between LAST_INSERT_ID() and mysql_insert_id()?

The reason for the differences between LAST_INSERT_ID() and mysql_insert_id() is that LAST_INSERT_ID() is made easy to use in scripts while mysql_insert_id() tries to provide more exact information about what happens to the AUTO_INCREMENT column.

The LAST_INSERT_ID() MYSQL function returns the most recently generated AUTO_INCREMENT value, and is not reset between statements because the value of that function is maintained in the server. Another difference from mysql_insert_id() is that LAST_INSERT_ID() is not updated if you set an AUTO_INCREMENT column to a specific nonspecial value.

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