JavaScript to scroll the text vertically like reel

Continuous announcement scroller JavaScript will create a simple text scroller using javascript. it’s not a simply message display instead the message will scroll vertically from bottom to top like roller and many message display at the same time.

Display the text announcement one at a time with no break between the first and last.

we should maintain the same height for all the records.

The scrolling reel should support only vertical direction.

To update the speed of the scrolling, just open the JavaScript file and go to the last line and change the SetTime out number. at present the speed of the scrolling is 2000 mile seconds

Live Demo


cas_heightOfElm: This property is to mention the height of the each scroller in the reel

cas_numberOfElm: This property is to mention no of records you want to display at the same time in the scroller.

cas_scrollOn: This property is to mention the automatic scroll start status

the above mentioned three property is required to this scroller. also we can display the image in this scroller. in the next post i will show you the continuous image reel display using this same JavaScript. i hope all love this scroller. this scame scroller available in the form of WordPress plugin, joomla module and buddy-press plugin. please have a look into website and found those available modules and plugins.

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  1. admin
    July 13, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

    WordPress plugin and joomla modules available.

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