C#.Net convert date to string and string formatting

It’s very easy to convert date time to string in C#.Net. To convert DateTime into string you can use String.Format function in C# ASP.Net. And to convert string into DateTime you can use Convert.ToDateTime function this post will show how to do this conversion. If you have Date Time value in the Data table and […]

How to create auto number, Serial number, Row number in DataGridView in C# Windows application

Display auto number, serial number, row number in the data grid view is very simply; just you have to create one new column for the date grid, after created the new column make that column to read only. And enable Data Grid View VirtualMode property to True, and assign e.rowindex under CellValueNeeded events. see the […]

Fancy Image Show Joomla Module

Fancy Image Show Joomla Module is a simple image rotation module. The image rotation happens with five different fancy effects, so it is named fancy image show. We can create many galleries in the same posts and pages. In the admin we have option to enter the image folder location. we can create multiple instance, […]

Google.com black menu header bar

See Google.com. You’ll notice a new black bar that spans the top of the page. The menu bar isn’t new, but the change in color may be drawing you to the Google menu bar for the first time. Why is the Google menu Bar Black? Google has just launched Google+, a new social project for […]

White iPhone 4 from apple little thicker than Original

The iPhone 4 is a touch screen Smartphone developed by Apple. It is the fourth generation of iPhone. Now Apple introduced new white iPhone 4, after about 10 months of delays now apple white iPhone is on sale. We can purchase white iPhone4 from Apple’s online store, at Apple’s retail stores, AT & T and […]

SQL Select, Insert, Update and Delete Syntax

This article is about the database language Structured Query Language (SQL). It is a database computer language designed for managing data in relational database management systems (RDBMS). In this page, i have listed the SQL syntax for each of the SQL commands. this is an easy reference for someone to learn Structured Query Language (SQL). […]

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